EBI Fever

This weekend was time for the new paint, BUT it turned out the new paint was more than a few shades of... so more sanding and painting this week. Really no sleep till EBI!! PICT2750

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Yeah ! Hope to see that on EBI Jelle...
That some coffe and good job !

Gepost door: maXXX | 26-06-07

You can make it! Hi Jelle,
good luck with get the paint sorted!!! I´ve painted 4 new fenders myself and now have to go to the garage to get them buffed. Then refitting everything and loading the car on the trailer to go to EBI tomorrow in the morning. Those last few days weren´t the most relaxing...;-)
Once more: good luck!

Gepost door: Tobi/DFL | 27-06-07

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